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it's ok


In November 2019, our artistic director, George Fellows, was announced as a Little Big Dance supported artist.

Lead by regional partners South East Dance, Yorkshire Dance, Dance East and Take Art, Little Big Dance is a new national initiative setting out to pioneer a blueprint for creating dance with and for under five year olds. Stemming from the belief that very young children are an undervalued and overlooked audience for the arts in general but particularly for dance, Little Big Dance will support dance artists to develop the specialist skills and experience needed to work with this group.

In March 2020, George was announced as a Little Big Dance Commissioned Touring Artist, one of two artists chosen to continue to be supported in the development of their work for a national tour. 

This new work, called it’s ok, seeks to validate the wide range of emotions a child can experience. Two people explore a relationship in a performance that is full of care, comfort and kindness. Laura embarks on a journey that travels through feelings of uncertainty, fear, sadness and joy, but Claire is always there to support and encourage her, reminding her every step of the way that there are no right or wrong feelings - just OUR feelings - and that it really is ok to feel them.


As Laura begins to find both her own feet and her own way, as we all somehow must, Claire looks on with the pain and pride that anyone who has watched a loved one grow knows all too well. But guess what – that’s ok too!


We are working on a unique set design, which will enable close proximity between audience and performers, whilst remaining COVID-safe, allowing the audience to experience a closeness and intimacy with live performance that hasn’t been possible for a long time. 

LEAD IMAGE_It'sOkay_LittleBigDance
It'sOkay_LittleBigDance_Leeds25June21_SUMMER SELECTS_SUMMERDEAN_160
It'sOkay_LittleBigDance_Leeds25June21_SUMMER SELECTS_SUMMERDEAN_165
It'sOkay_LittleBigDance_Leeds25June21_SUMMER SELECTS_SUMMERDEAN_122
It'sOkay_LittleBigDance_Leeds25June21_SUMMER SELECTS_SUMMERDEAN_94

Upcoming performances:


Please contact us if you are interested in booking the show.

Past Performances:


11 March 2023 - the egg, Bath

21 May 2022 - The Dance Space, Brighton

19 Apr 2022 - The Brewhouse, Taunton

13 Feb 2022 - The Civic, Barnsley

25 Sep 2021 - The Gulbenkian, Canterbury


Early years settings tours took place in Yorkshire and Somerset in Autumn 2021.


Choreographer George Fellows

Performers Claire Lambert & Laura Booth

Dramaturg Lou Cope

Mentor Rosie Heafford

Production Manager Alan Dawson

Set designer/builder Toby Melville

Music Nils Frahm (Used by permission of Erased Tapes and Manners McDade Music Publishing Ltd), Sigur Rós & Jónsi (Used by permission of Big Dipper Productions)

it’s ok is a Little Big Dance commission supported by Arts Council England and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Further information on Little Big Dance can be found here.

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